Insurance & Financial Policy


  • Cash, check, money order/ cashier’s check NOTE: returned check fee of $35!
  • Credit/debit cards (including FSA and HSA cards that have a credit card logo on them)
  • Patient financing options through Care Credit or GreenSky Solutions (select links below to apply or learn more). Payment terms based on applicant qualifications and financed amount.
Dental Financing


  • Dr. Pennington requires a panoramic x-ray (pano) for evaluation and treatment. If you have a pano from another office from the last 12 months, please have that office contact us to arrange for sending it electronically.
  • Most insurance plans have a frequency limit on exams and x-rays. Please be prepared for a possible co-payment due at your initial office visit. We’ll make every effort to notify you of any copay due prior to your appointment.


  • Insurance is NOT a substitute for payment — you are ultimately responsible for paying for your treatment.
  • We will file dental claims to your dental insurance provider if you or your dentist provided your insurance details: the subscriber’s name, DOB, SSN and /or ID# are required in order for us to assist.
  • We will estimate your out-of-pocket cost for your treatment plan based on your dental insurance.
  • Estimates are NOT a guarantee of coverage: pending claims, benefit changes, changes/ additions to your treatment plan, etc. can impact your final fee.
  • Your estimated cost is due in full by the day of surgery. You can make pre-surgery payments if you wish. We reserve the right to require pre-payment for your appointments, based on your scheduling and/ or payment history.
  • If a balance is due after insurance has paid, we’ll send you a statement.Note:
  • 18% interest will be added to all accounts that are over 90 days old.
  • In the event your account is placed with an agency for collection purposes, you will be responsible for all collection agency fees (up to 33% of the balance placed for collection). In addition, you will be responsible for all court costs, filing fees, and attorney fees should your account require litigation.


  • A $50 fee may be assessed for any missed appointment, or for appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hour’s notice.